Shipping and Returns


1. Time limit for accepting returns:
Consumers have the right to apply to the company for a return (or replacement) without reason within 30 days from the date of receipt of the product. For quality problems after inspection, under special circumstances, we will not only replace new products, but also accept returns, and we will refund the full payment for the products with quality problems.

2. Applicable conditions for return and refund: When the purchased goods of the user meet the following conditions, the return and refund service can be used:
(1) Quality problems: the product has obvious quality problems;
(2) Does not meet the order requirements: the product model is wrong/less issued/function damaged;
(3) Return application that has been confirmed on the website;
(4) Damage to the outer packaging of the product does not affect the inner product
(5) Damage or stains caused by the customer may result in a partial refund up to 50% of the total payment.

3. Measures users need to take:
Users need to initiate a return in the system. Please provide the order number and pictures to contact us. We will review and reply within 2 to 3 working days after receiving your return email. (Customer service email:

4. How soon will the user receive the refund:
Under normal circumstances, after the user submits the return application, the refund will be completed within 1 to 2 working days after the review is approved.

5. Emphasize the issue about the mailing address:
Please be sure to mail it back to the address confirmed by the original sales. If you need to change the return address, please contact customer service for negotiation. (Customer service

6. Who will bear the return handling fee and postage?
There is no handling fee for returning the goods, but the user needs to bear the postage expenses. If there is any quality problem, we will refund the postage to the user in full.